Nitrous Oxide/IV Sedation

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Some people get a little nervous before visiting the dentist while others suffer from dental anxiety so severe it keeps them from ever seeing a dentist. Don’t let the fear of seeing the dentist stop you from maintaining your beautiful smile – the gentle and caring team at Dental Care Associates can help.

We offer our patients a variety of sedation dentistry options to reduce anxiety and fear during their appointments. Sedation dentistry can help you get the dental care you need without the stress, though many of our patients find our team’s friendly chairside manner helps them relax without any additional help!

Sedation dentistry can help you receive the dental care you need without being stressed.


Dr. Michael Smith has been performing IV sedation since 1996 after completing training in the United States Air Force AEGD program.  He is also an on-site inspector for the South Dakota Board of Dentistry for sedation protocol.   

    Nitrous Oxide

    Commonly called laughing gas it is one of the gentlest and yet most effective forms of dental sedation available.  Nitrous oxide is an odorless gas breathed through a small and comfortable mask before and during your appointment. It creates a relaxed, pleasant feeling while still allowing you to stay awake and to communicate with your dentist if needed.  Best of all, nitrous oxide wears off very quickly and you’ll be back to normal within just a few minutes.

    IV Sedation

    During extractions, root canals, and other procedures, some patients may need a little extra help to relax and feel at-ease.  Dental Care Associates offer IV sedation which is a continuous flow of medication while providing a safe alternative for patients to not remember any part of the procedure.   Patients will need a designated driver to take them home.

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