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Cavities – unfortunately most people will have a cavity at some point. During your consultation at Dental Care Associates, we’ll evaluate your dental health to determine if a filling is necessary. We will also evaluate your medical and dental health for any risk factors that can lead to tooth decay or cavities.  Throughout your exam, we’ll answer all of your questions and address any concerns. We’ll help you fight decay and get your health back on track.

When a tooth becomes weakened from decay, wear, or a crack, a filling may be necessary to maintain the health of your tooth, eliminate additional damage and decay, and to maintain your beautiful smile. We provide options for restorative materials to include composite resin and amalgam.

See the professionals at Dental Care Associates if you notice a cavity.  Fillings help to protect your teeth from further damage or decay. 



Benefits of dental fillings:

  • Stops the progression of decay by repairing the damaged tooth
  • Restores normal function and appearance
  • Can be used to fix small areas of decay to prevent further deterioration
  • Strengthens fractured teeth

Composite restorations are natural looking, tooth colored fillings and are bonded to the teeth. Amalgam restorations are beneficial to use in areas of the mouth where moisture cannot be controlled and they are more cost effective. The team at Dental Care Associates will discuss your options and help you determine what is the best choice for you.

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